Welcome to VaraVild! I am Peter Friebel, tracker and guide. I started VaraVild to help people revive their connection to Self and Nature. We are all unconditionally linked to Nature. Still, our modern culture does not exactly stimulate us to nurture and develop the wealth of ancestral capabilities and attributes that are part of this connection.

But are you not curious about what they are and how they could empower you in your daily life? By awakening and developing those capabilities you will find yourself connecting to Nature and your fundamental Self again.

Instead of constantly choosing between this and that, why not letting go of the confusion and judgement caused by dualities? Why not reconnecting with the essence of what it is to be human. This is called living the Beauty Way. The Beauty Way bypasses the need for using philosophy, politics, technology and science as tools!

I hope the above resonates somewhere deep within you because this concept has been with humanity and all other living creatures from the beginning. It is the common denominator of all life in Balance.

We should embrace the Beauty Way in our personal lives so that we become happier and more balanced people. We should also embrace it in our corporations and organisations so they will become incubators of purpose and not the prisons of our dreams. But most of all we should embrace it in our schools so that the future will become brighter and lighter.

But where to begin such a transformation? We begin by becoming trackers again! Tracking and Awareness are the fundamental human skills nurturing our connection and communication with Nature. They require that we let go of duality and trivia and dare to step onto "The Learning Trail" as empty cups. Doing so will set you off on the most amazing and life changing journey you can imagine: Discovering (Your) Hidden Nature and The Beauty Way!

Old Way vs Civilised Way

I sometimes need to offset the mindset, philosophies, habits and practices of preagricultural people against those of so called civilised people. I have settled on using the terms 'Old Way' and 'Civilised Way'. With Old Way I do not mean less developed or outdated. I simply mean the lifeways and world view of old, from before we switched from group to individual lifeways. Even today there are still Old Way people but very few indeed. With civilised I do not mean more developed or in some way better then uncivilised. With civilised I mean linear, highly structured, based on coercive power instead of Personal Power and guided by highly human centric philosophies, religions and ethics as opposed to the circular, deep ecological non human centric philosophies, spirituality and ethics of Old Way people.

Guiding vs Teaching

Modern education models try to get all students proficient in the same set of skills. A far better approach is to identify the talents of each individual student and optimize his/her personal growth. This better method is actually an Old Way living skill and has existed since the dawn of man. The model I am talking about is called mentoring or guiding. The guide's or mentor's goal is to guide the seekers (they who seek wisdom) in discovering and experiencing the things they wants to master, to guide them to the right questions instead of giving all the easy answers. Real learning is found in the questions not the answers. The guide is on the same path as the seekers: The Learning Trail, and learns through them as well, as they see with different eyes. This model can be adapted to any conceivable culture and fits all types of person with all kinds of abilities.

This is why I embrace the timeless Old Way living skill of guiding!

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