Packing Guide for

Applied Bushcraft

Vist Our Webshop for Bushcraft kit

Our sister company HuskyGård sources all our bushcraft and outdoor kit. They stock up on all kit we and you will need. So let them or us know what you'd like to see in their shop.

If you want to purchase kit in connection with a VaraVild course or event you will get special prices from them!

Kit needed for the course

Bushcraft is not about stacking up on expensive kit. In fact it is about leaving the kit behind and realizing you can do without.

NOTE: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your course or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received written conformation from us that your booked course will take place. You will receive this confirmation no later than 15 days prior to the course date.

You will need to bring the following basic kit:

* Outdoor clothing:
Outdoor clothing should be sturdy, comfortable and comprised of several layers to allow for maximum versatility. Jeans are not suitable as they are cold, restrictive and slow to dry.

**Lightweight tent or similar shelter:
You will need a sleeping system that can be closed or has fine mosquito netting and is water proof such as a lightweight tent, bivi bag or a hammock and tarp. If you inform us in advance you can buy a hammock and tarp system from us (See "Sourcing of bushcraft related kit" below). If you want you can try sleeping under a tarp or in a hammock and tarp for one or several nights that you can borrow from us.

Regarding cutting tools (knifes, saws, etc.)

Cutting tools are very important in bushcraft while at the same time being dangerous. You are allowed to bring your own bushcraft related cutting tools such as a knife, folding saw etc. However, this is not a requirement as you can loan or buy them from us. Saws etc. may only be used if authorized by the guides. You are never allowed to bring and use axes during this course.

Sourcing of bushcraft related kit

We can source many of the items you may need for the course at a special price via our partner HuskyGård. Contact us if you are interested in certain kit or packaged kits even if you can not currently find it in their web shop.